Spanish SMEs selling on Amazon exported 950m in 2022, an increase of 10%

Madrid, June 13 (EFECOM). – The exports of the 15,000 Spanish small and medium-sized companies selling on Amazon exceeded 950 million euros in 2022, representing a growth of 10% compared to the previous year, according to a report by Amazon. The company posted this Tuesday.

These SMEs recorded 160 million in international sales outside the European Union (EU) in 2022, double the number of the previous year, after more than half of the products were marketed worldwide.

The five countries to which these companies exported the most were France, Germany, Italy, the United States and the United Kingdom, especially in the categories of home, personal care, toys, beauty and sports.

In all, Spanish SMEs sold more than 100 million products on Amazon in 2022, which is an increase of 15%, after reaching a sales rate of 200 products per minute.

Among these companies, 450 SMEs issued sales of more than one million euros, of which 20 companies exceeded this figure for the first time last year.

In addition, these companies have provided permanent employment to about 35,000 people to run their online sales business.

It is distributed throughout Spain

More than 60% of the 15,000 SMEs selling in Spain are located in the provinces of neither Madrid nor Barcelona, ​​and more than 30% are located in municipalities of less than 30,000 inhabitants.

However, Catalonia and Madrid were the best-selling communities for SMEs on Amazon, with over 3,300 and 3,000 respectively, followed by Valencia (2,500) and Andalusia (2,000).

In addition, it was the SMEs of Catalonia that recorded the largest number of exports (more than 250 million), followed by the Community of Madrid (175 million), the Community of Valencia (170 million) and Andalusia (120 million).

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Of course, it was the SMEs located in Toledo that grew the most compared to 2021, with an increase of more than 150% to reach 15 million, followed by Granada (50%) and Zaragoza (20%). efecom


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