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WhatsApp has officially launched the One Time View feature, which basically removes photos or videos from a chat after the recipient opens it. The feature was previously available in beta, and is now coming for all users.

As we can see in the images and gif launched by WhatsApp, when you send a photo or video, you can show it at once by touching the “1” button. Once the recipient opens it, it will be deleted. Of course, the recipient will be able to see that it’s a hidden photo, so it’s still the kind you want to use just so people you trust don’t take a screenshot.

We can think of several points in favor of activating this function. For one thing, not all photos are sent with the intention of staying permanently, moreover, the feature helps the sender maintain some control over how long the photos are stored.

This also means that you don’t have to waste a great deal of storage on images that you will never see again in most cases. And of course, it’s an extra feature that’s especially useful for group chats that leave you in silence indefinitely (up to a year on WhatsApp).

The company explained that the photos will only be available for 14 days after shipment, after which they will expire. Also, as we said before, keep in mind that WhatsApp says it won’t notify you if someone takes a screenshot, and of course there is no way for the app to know if someone is taking a picture with a physical camera.

As an example of how to use the feature, WhatsApp offers to send an image of sensitive information, such as a Wi-Fi password.

The feature will be rolling out to iOS and Android this week, but keep in mind that you’ll need the latest version of WhatsApp to test it out.[[[[[Next Web]

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