Peruvian Congress disqualified Martin Vizcarra for 10 years – News

Former President of Peru Martin Vizcarra, Most voted to be a congressman in last Sunday’s election, was disqualified this Friday from holding public office for a 10-year term by the National Congress for A complaint of irregularity in vaccination when it was mandatoryThis means that he will not be able to take the seat that he won at the polls.

They were also excluded from holding public office in Dos ex ministas Current interim president Francisco Sagasti: Pilar Mazzetti (Health for eight years) and Elizabeth Astett (Foreign relations, for a year), the newspaper reportedo Trade.

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The two ministers resigned in February after learning that they were part of a select group of 470 people who were vaccinated infrequently, including officials, diplomats and businessmen.

At the time, the Attorney General’s office had investigations against all officials who had been vaccinated irregularly while in office, even Vizcarra, who had previously been dismissed by the National Congress over a corruption complaint from when he was the governor of the southern Mugigua region, from 2011 to 2014.

His dismissal sparked protests and a violent crackdown that ended with two deaths and a hundred wounded.

Vizcarra denies the corruption charges to this day Although He admitted to having received two doses of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine Before it was approved in December by the health authorities, he asserts that it was not an irregular event because he and his wife and brother were volunteers for the clinical trial being conducted in the country using this vaccine.

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However, the political climate against the former president in today’s outgoing Congress was one of almost complete opposition.

Throughout the day, Congressman Omar Shehadeh, from Alianza para el Progreso, made it clear that the disqualification was aimed at preventing Vizcarra from reaching Parliament, despite being elected by a majority of votes in the first round last Sunday.

Mr. Vizcarra could not apply for Congress of the Republic another day. I came in black because I came to see Mr. Vizcarra’s political funeralSoiha.

In turn, Carlos Almiri, from Podemos Peru, said disqualification is “not political revenge” and asked the plenary to unanimously support the measure.

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The session had started in the morning but discussion of Vizcarra’s status was postponed because in the middle of the plenary session of the commission decided to suspend legislator Edgar Alarcon due to the alleged illicit enrichment, which was allegedly committed when he was the head of the Comptroller’s office.

With 60 votes in favor and not one against him, Alarcon has been out of office for the duration of the financial process against him, so he will not return to Parliament as elected legislators will take office next July.

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