Pata Villanueva had an accident at his home in Uruguay while he was in intensive care

Model, Actress, and Former Star Maria del Carmen Raquel Villanueva, better known as “Bata” Villanueva, It was found He is hospitalized in serious condition After he had a home accident at his home in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Sources close to the actress indicated Nation Villanueva, 69, was admitted to the hospital at the Intensive Treatment Center (CTI) in Cantegril Sanatorium. “It is very dangerous,” Sure from the environment, and detail it “He fell from the stairs of his home in La Barra.”.

The blow received by VillanuevaWho knew how to build a wide career in which there was no shortage of cinema, television and theater, It caused him various fractures, which resulted in him being referred directly to the intensive care unit In a private health facility in the province of Maldonado.

Among the injuries he sustained, the most serious were to his head, which had to be treated immediately. For this reason, she underwent surgery to decompress the affected area. The operation has already been carried out, and the previous model is still in a coma at the moment.

In the latest medical report obtained by LA NACION, Cantegril’s director, Elbio Paolillo, delineated the patient’s details and noted that “the operation was performed at dawn on Sunday, in order to relieve the stress caused by the effect. He got his head.” Although the medical staff confirmed that they are waiting for their development, they indicated that The overall picture is “very worrying,” Considering that he is a 69-year-old patient in serious condition. “

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In this context and following the relevant steps taken by the law firm Alejandro Balbi and Sons Agostina Cavallero, Roberto Tarantini and Bernardita Tarantini They traveled to Ponta del Este, where the Cantigril sanatorium is located, where Villanueva is still hospitalized.

His children were able to enter the place, although they were initially denied entry, as they were unable to perform the corresponding quarantine. Uruguay is one of the Latin American countries that decided, within the framework of the coronavirus pandemic, to close its borders and keep them open only to Uruguayan citizens, residents or very specific cases.

In a dialogue with the State Department, Guillermo Coppola – Pata Villanueva’s friend – is also seeking permission. He did so, the media learned, after presenting a medical certificate stating that Villanueva was “in danger of life.”

Villanueva has been in the neighboring country for about 70 days.

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