Presidential Tour: Alberto Fernandez travels to Europe on a private tour

On a private trip, President Alberto Fernandez travels to Europe tonightWhere he will meet Leaders of Portugal, Spain, France and Italy, As well with him Pope Francisco.

As known LA NACION, the scheduled date for the departure of the official delegation was 21, 20 minutes before it and a helicopter, the President arrived in the sector From Ezeiza station known as “FBO VIPCLUB“.

It is a private station, According to the Argentina Airports website 2000,It provides a distinguished service to take care of business jet Air taxis and their passengers and crews through a terminal with independent access to the airport. ”Currently, there are 10 private companies with permission to operate from that terminal. They travel on an Argentine Airlines plane.

The Accompanying utilities will be integrated First Lady, Fabiola Yanez; Foreign Minister Philip Sola; Economy Minister Martin Guzmán; General Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic, Julio Vettobello. Secretary for Strategic Affairs, Gustavo Pelles; And Minister of Communication and Press, Juan Pablo Biondi.

Departure of President Alberto Fernandez on his tour of Portugal, Spain, France and ItalyKindness

The The first destination will be Portugal, Where he will meet Fernandez President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Prime Minister Antonio Costa.

The flight will continue on Tuesday at Madrid, in a visit that will include meetings with King Philip VI And the President of Spain, Pedro Sanchez.

In France, the president He will be received at the Eliseu Palace in Paris by Emmanuel Macron And on Thursday, already in Italy, Your agenda will continue with a visit to Pope Francis in the Apostolic Palace.

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On the same day, the president He will complete his activities with lunch with his Italian counterpart Sergio MattarellaAnd a working meeting with the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi.

The official Argentine delegation returns Scheduled for FridayOn a flight departing from Rome.


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