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OTTAWA – Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole has supported efforts to form a group of Conservative MP Marilyn Claude, who has been the new face of the Inner Caucasus, to raise concerns about the unvaccinated in Canada.

In an interview during CTV’s Question Hour, which aired on Sunday, Glado said all New Caucasian members (15 to 30 Conservative Senators and Representatives) support the leader and that the group’s formation was not a sign of internal division. .

“I support Erin. Everyone in this task force supports Erin. When there is a common problem for Conservative MPs, these working groups are the most common way we do business, and they want it.

“We have a small Caucasus region, so Irene agreed to the operation.

He told CTV news program PowerPlake on Friday that he had a “conversation” with the president and that he “understood” it was another task force.

Claude said that mandatory testing and detection of a vaccine is one of the concerns he’s heard from members.

People are forced to disclose this. Another topic we should talk about is what’s next? What then? Will you have to disclose your medical history? ” She said.

Claude will not say whether he has been vaccinated against the government 19, citing “medical privacy reasons”.

He said two medical exceptions and two of his colleagues had not been detected, but that “a few” people had not yet been vaccinated.

During the federal election campaign, O’Dwyer was criticized for failing to impose a mandatory vaccination policy on his candidates and continued to refuse to specify how many MPs were not vaccinated.

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He suggested that while O’Toole should be fully vaccinated and Canadians encouraged to roll up their sleeves, they should be offered a quick test as an alternative.

The House of Commons has announced a vaccination order for the House of Commons, requiring MPs to be vaccinated to enter the Chamber in person beginning on November 22. This is a decision that has been questioned by members of the Conservative bloc, among other parties, amid broad support.

O’Toole announced the party last week. “Respect and Obedience” The result, however, in the “early opportunity” will be challenging.

After the Caucasus meeting last week, O’Toole told reporters that when the new session begins, Caucasians realize that only those who have been fully vaccinated, conservatives, or those who have recently undergone a rapid trial and are eligible for appropriate medical exemptions are the only ones to participate in the council’s proceedings. person next month.

Father is on CTVNews.ca, Thursdays and Fridays. O’Toole’s office was contacted about the formation of the new “civil rights group,” but there was no response.

Conservative strategist Jimmy Ellerton says the group won’t directly challenge O’Dowl’s leadership, but it will certainly challenge his leadership.

“The ambiguity in the position of the Conservative Party is linked to the mandatory vaccination of the majority of Canadians, and it is a real political problem that must be dealt with,” he told PowerPlay on CTV News on Friday.

Claude said the commission would recommend “reasonable solutions” to separate “different data sources” to keep people safe and ensure individual liberties are protected.

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He likened the COVID-19 virus to the polio that spread in the first half of the 20th century, but noted that the coronavirus does not cause the same “frequency of danger”.

“In terms of the risks of polio victims, many have died and many have been disabled, and this is not the same frequency of risks that we see with Covid-19… I receive information from medical professionals. Talk about the associated risks. I am not a doctor.

Claude said they would get a better idea of ​​the Caucasus figures after the appointment of the shadow ministers and would understand how much time MPs could spend on the issue.

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