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theto interrupt artificial intelligence through systems such as chat And coldhas ushered in a new technological period that some experts see as advancing at an accelerated pace, and pauses are necessary or even the need to regulate it.

Sounds like that Sam AltmanAnd Elon Musk and Steve Wonziak They asked to stop and think. Added to this now Antonio GuterresThe Secretary-General of the United Nations, with a proposal: to create an international agency that would oversee the development of artificial intelligence.

for this purpose, United kingdomin particular its Prime Minister, Rishi SunakThey raised their hands to be the hosts of the event.

The proposal could be inspired by what was done in the nuclear field International Atomic Energy Agency.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, based in Vienna, was started in 1957 to promote and monitor nuclear energy and is part of the United Nations structure.

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United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, in a file photo. EFE/Ali Haider

Regulation of artificial intelligence, task for states

Guterres has expressed that this kind of initiative has to come from member states, “but I will support the idea that we can have artificial intelligence agencyLet’s say inspired by what the IAEA is today.”

The Secretary-General explained that the advantage of a body like the IAEA is that it has a “very strong knowledge base” and at the same time it has certain regulatory functions.

“I think this model could be very interesting,” says Guterres, who highlights the UN’s interest in being “at the center of all networks and movements” despite the fact that the decision rests with states.

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United Kingdom raises its hand

the The first global summit on artificial intelligencewhich aims to assess its risks and opportunities, will be held next fall.

This forum will bring together representatives of “major countries, leading technology companies and researchers to agree on security measures to capture the most important risks” posed by artificial intelligence.

According to the EFE news agency, the British press confirms that the Sunak government is looking for the headquarters of the body responsible for regulating artificial intelligence to be established in London.

At the end of May, Sunak met with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, who had already expressed support for an IAEA-like supervisor to scrutinize and approve certain standards for developing new AI-based technology.

Rishi Sunak's photo: RishiSunak
Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Photo: Rishi Sunak

An anonymous member of the government told The Times that the UK would be the “best place” to set up a global agency, given that there are many leading firms in the sector in the country.

The United States and the United Kingdom confirm the “Atlantic Declaration” and focus on artificial intelligence

President Joe Biden, along with his counterpart Rishi Sunak, renewed the economic alliance between their two countries in early June to adapt it to artificial intelligence Until now Climate crisis.

The two leaders signed the invitation.Atlantic ad»During a meeting they held at the White House and gave details about its content at a press conference.

Rishi Sunak and President Joe Biden met on June 8 in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC.
Rishi Sunak and President Joe Biden met on June 8 in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC. EFE/Bonnie Cash

Gabriel Rico Albarran, with information from EFE

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