Kathryn Tay boasts of two years of ‘victories’ in Mexico for T-MEC Grupo Milenio

US Trade Representative Catherine Tay noted that free trade agreements allowed the Biden administration to use them Agreements such as those with Canada and Mexico So that it “brings workers back to the center because they are the basis of flexibility.” And suppose it was thanks to them that they had two years of “victories” over Mexico in business affairs.

“In the past two years, We have achieved victories for the workers in different facilities. We are witnessing real change and success for independent workers and unions in Mexico. New collective agreements. Big salary increases. Safer working conditions.

During a meeting with the media at the National Press Club on supply chain resilience, Ambassador Taye said, “What We need a business policy It promotes and creates opportunities for good and diverse jobs here in our communities, which energize American production at the high, middle, and low ends.”

“That’s exactly what we’ve been doing with the US-Mexico-Canada agreement,” he stressed.

Taye’s speech was part of a symposium on “The Next World Order: Can US Trade Policy Make Us More Secure, Democratic, and Prosperous?” Organized by the Open Markets Institute.

Tai explained that the USMCA has a file A mechanism that allows lawsuits to be brought against factories Workers’ rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining are not respected.

In short, we use a business agreement to make real, tangible improvements in people’s lives. And this is not just about Mexican workers. It also helps American workers, because raising labor standards reduces the incentive to send jobs abroad by removing artificial benefits resulting from exploitation and abuse.”

Tai explained that the The traditional approach to US trade policy Focused “historically” on providing benefits to the largest companies, “on the theory that those benefits will necessarily carry over to our workers, small businesses and communities. But over time, what we’ve seen is that those benefits don’t go away.”

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In her remarks, Ambassador Tai highlighted how A.JThe US trade agenda prioritizes flexibility in the global economy.

He also talked about how the search for efficiency and lower costs has influenced US trade policy Vulnerable and high-risk supply chains, Instead, the Biden-Harris administration is now working to reverse that trend by raising standards, advancing sustainability, and prioritizing the needs of our workers and farmers.

After the speech, Tai engaged in an onstage conversation with the global business columnist and assistant editor of a newspaper financial timesRana Forouhar.


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