Oppenheimer will not be seen in Spain as Christopher Nolan would like: these are the rooms closest to the original experience

In this photo provided by Universal Pictures, director Christopher Nolan, center, and Cillian Murphy, right, are on the set of Oppenheimer. (Melinda Sue Gordon/Universal Pictures via AP)

that Christopher Nolan A movie re-release always means three things: joy for its fans. A disgrace to its critics and an ordeal for the cinemas charged with showing it. The British director is known for the stringent requirements he places on his films, and this time it was no different. So much so that his new movie, Oppenheimereven suitable rooms for its exhibition in Spain.

that’s what it is, Oppenheimer It will not be possible to see it in our country as Christopher Nolan wants, although we have more than 500 cinemas in our country. What is the reason for that? Well, plain and simple, we currently don’t have any cinemas that can show IMAX 70 mm, which is how Nolan originally conceived the film. To get an idea, there are only 30 cinemas in the world that have a huge projector to support such a film, a tape that weighs at least 270 kilograms and is 17 kilometers long. Yes, you read correctly, 17 kilometers.

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All this does not mean that the film will not be possible to watch in our country, far from it, but it does mean that the options to watch it in the best possible way have been greatly reduced. That is, the cinemas show less and less, but if the condition is to show a film in the best possible conditions, then the list is greatly reduced.

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Currently in Spain we only have five IMAX theaters, and in one of them – Hemisfèric in Valencia – commercial films are not shown, so we are left with only four options to get close to the original experience. The other four theaters belong to Cinesa, and can be found in Diagonal Mar in Barcelona, ​​Festival Park in Mallorca and in two cinemas in Madrid, Parquesur in Leganés and Heron City in Las Rozas. Yes in deed , The film cannot be seen in its original version in any of them.

The 11-mile IMAX edition of The # Oppenheimer 🎞️

It weighs about 600 lbs pic.twitter.com/DBIj25yBGt

—CultureCrave 🍿 July 6, 2023

Given the fact that we won’t be watching the movie the way Nolan wants to anymore – unless you’re flying to the US, Australia, London or even Prague – there are other options for a great experience outside of the IMAX format. For example, there are many cinemas today that have 4DX technology, which differs from IMAX in that it does not enhance the picture quality, but rather the viewer’s experience through external elements such as light effects, seat vibration, and other effects that immerse the viewer more. the movie. They have this technology Kinepolis DiversiaAnd City of Kinepolis Madrid for the photoAnd Kinpolis Valencia Heron City or the Filmex Gran Via de l’Ospitalet cinema.

Oppenheimer (Universal Pictures)

There are more options that prioritize other items, such as keeping the 70mm format, just like a Barcelona Phenomena Experience or the Palafox cinema in Zaragoza. Some Odeon Multiplex cinemas may be a good option to own the system Cinema Cinema SystemThis improves the quality and clarity of the images, which is recommended James Cameron to see Avatar: Water Sense. In short, there are many options available and each one will have to see close, but what is clear is that in reality none of them will be what Christopher Nolan would have wanted.

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