La Casa de Papel and Netflix. The success of the Spanish series

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It has been four years of great success Stealing money And it is undeniable how each of the five seasons has already managed to capture the scenes and also make them demand more and more. That’s why this Friday, September 5, season 5 kicks off What will be the last part of this successful series.

Since the premiere in 2017And Stealing money He manages to build a story that, although not new, the way he does it is a great example of how to tell something that has already been seen so that it is completely new and impressive.

But this series was not only the only success case that comes from Spain Since then, in recent years, productions from the Iberian region have experienced an incredible boom, letting go of new stories that have become of global influence. But what is the reason for all this success?

keys to success

There are many factors that contribute to achieving the impact of the Spanish series, but There are three stand out about others.

Each string must contain one good story This is what we find in every production. The presence of a variety of content and plots. We can meet a group of thieves completely different from each other, who steal Mint and National Stamps, But they also give us a story professor of philosophy or a Excite teenagers.

In addition to, Having different platforms flow, makes these stories possible to be consumed in every corner of the world, and they are well accepted in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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finally, language It is a very important factor for the success of the Spanish series. Being Spanish, the second language with the most native speakers in the world, allowing a large reception in Latin America and the United States, which represent a large part of the total consumers.

“The resounding and universal success of series such as ‘La casa de papel’, ‘Elite’ or ‘Merlí’, among others, across the new platforms is a fact, but we must not forget that Spanish fictional content carries many years of experience,” says Cristina Alasillai. Director of Content Development for South Hub at ViacomCBS International Studios.

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