Jenny and Richard, 30, become the UK’s youngest grandparents

Jenny Medlam and Richard, aged 33 and 35, have just become the youngest grandparents in the UKThey say they are happy with it. Jenny gave birth to her daughter Charmaine at the age of seventeen, and became pregnant at only sixteen. Far from being rejected, the couple decided to support the young woman and encouraged her to continue the pregnancy.

The family resides in Yorkshire, where the neighbors are surprised to see two very young grandparents. Moreover, in the data collected by various British media, such as the Daily Mail, The vast majority think little Isla Mai is their daughter, not their granddaughter.

Jenny explains that most people don’t believe her at first.. However, you understand their reaction as they are barely over thirty. When Charmaine told them she was pregnant, Jenny and Richard were very excited. Besides Charmaine, she is also the mother of two other daughters, Chelsea, 13, and Scarlett, 10.

Jenny understood better than anyone how Charmaine felt about being pregnant at age 16 and what it feels like to tell her parents. for this reason, He put himself in his shoes and told him that this was his body and therefore his decision. Either way, I will have your support.

Today, Jenny proudly declares that her daughter is a “wonderful mom” and believes that the bond she once had with Charmaine is only getting stronger.. Since Charmaine was so young, she had seen how her mother worked while raising her, so she knows very well that doing both is possible. Now she wants to go to college and devote herself to the world of beauty. Younger grandparents in the UK believe that there is a stereotype about young mothers that they think is unfair.

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