Operating from small islands, China demonstrated the capabilities of its Shenyang J-11B fighter-bombers

The Southern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army conducted anti-surface and air-to-air combat exercises involving Shenyang J-11B fighter-bombers.which operates from an airport located on an unidentified island.

The maneuvers involved a squadron of four Senyang J-11B fighter-bombers operating from the island, forming two attack sections heading towards specific targets at a very low altitude. Close to reaching the target, the planes rose to carry out the simulated attack.

After the air-naval exercise, the two divisions conducted a simulated air-to-air combat. The two groups, which were called Team Blue and Team Red, carried out two separate attacks against the enemy section, alternating in the role of offense and defense. After the first stage, the aircraft underwent maintenance and supply tasks, to carry out a new exercise sortie.

These exercises have the peculiarity of being based on an isolated airfield located on a small island. These are characterized by rapidly changing weather, bird danger conditions, and a lack of reference objects while flying over the sea, Major Tong Liguang said in a report broadcast by China Central Television (CCTV).

According to what was reported by the media Global TimesA Beijing-based military expert stated that the combat aircraft that participated in the exercise were two different versions of the J-11B, one of which belonged to an older version with a black nose, while the other differed from the newer version. With a gray nose.

The latter will have AESA radar, which means an improvement in the detection and attack capabilities of the Chinese fighter based on the SU-27. Likewise, the new radar will be compatible with PL-10 air-to-air missiles and PL-15 BVR missiles (outside the visual range out of visual range).

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