Their house burned down, they donated $70,000 to fix it, but they spent it on something extraordinary

The Familia Smithy, known in England Because they are influential tik tok. A few months ago their house was destroyed and they lost other possessions due to a fire. His followers started a group to raise money and help them get out of this situation but Proceeds were spent on an Audi and a Jet Ski..

The influencers’ family was at the center of the controversy when it became known how they used money donated by their followers for several weeks. In principle, because they believed that this money would be used to repair the family home.

The family home is located in Welling, southeast London. In July of this year, the house caught fire after the father’s car shorted and later devoured the house. Nick Smith, his wife and their four children were unharmedBut as a result of the damage, the house was destroyed.

It was Nick himself who told what happened on social networks in great detail. where She has more than 3 million followers. Who, upon learning what happened, felt sorry and I decided to donate money to support them in their search for a new home.

In this context, they created a campaign in GoFundMe And people began to contribute to the cause. Total, masses Raised £50,000 (about $70,000). However, controversy erupted after they recently posted a series of videos on the family’s Instagram account tik tok.

On the occasion of the father of the family’s birthday, the man received a huge package which after unpacking revealed that It contains a jet ski. But that was not all. Also, Nick can be seen on tape trying his “gift”.

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This clip raised the suspicions of followers of the Smithy family and was captured with clear evidence that the silver donated for one reason was used for another. That is why thousands of users expressed their displeasure and anger in the comments to the video.

Look, they spend a good GoFundMe”, “Too much to fix the house at £50,000” or “I couldn’t afford to renovate the house, but I could buy a water bike.” Sorry to all the people who have donated to the GoFundMe page.It was some of the reactions the clip generated.

Given the plethora of negative comments, it was Nick himself who decided to go to the crossing and did not hesitate to question those who criticized him and his family for wasting that money that was in order to recover what was lost in the fire.

“For people who are very interested in my life, and who are fully aware of what I do or how I spend my money, I tell you They should focus on their own livesThe exposed influencer Nick Smith.

In addition, he alluded to the traumatic experience his family had when they lost everything in the fire and asserted that he, his wife and children are looking for a way to overcome adversity.

We are plunged into hell and back. We keep smiling, moving forward, working, and making money. We keep smiling and enjoying life‘, he confirmed.

Finally, Smithy emphasized that in life you have to think positively and urged his millions of followers to act in this way and judged them: “What do they do? Negative people only get the negative things in life. Don’t be a negative person“.

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