Netflix ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6 Chapter 13: What time is the premiere of the last episode of the series?

date of Season 6 From “Better Call Saul” it became more complex and interesting at the same time. After leaving his life as Jimmy McGll, the protagonist clearly transformed into Saul Goodman.

The series will premiere its final chapter on Tuesday, August 16th, and as it appears in the plot, it has taken another timeless turn. By the time Saul appears as Jane, the director of Cinnabon, he has already left his previous life behind and is not recognized.

However, one of the points that caught the attention of “Better Call Saul” was the strange phone call Saul made in chapter 11 in which he didn’t hear anything, but was noticeably disturbed.

In the penultimate episode, Kim appears in a different way. She wears long, dark hair, and lives a gray life seemingly as a factory worker.

To see the result of a story ‘Saul’s best on demand’know the The time, where and how you see The final chapter of the Netflix series.

Where do you see the final chapter of Season 6 of ‘Better Call Saul’?

The last chapter of ‘Saul’s best on demand’ He will be called “Saul is gold” and released in Netflix.

Date and time to watch Chapter 13 of “Better Call Saul”

On Tuesday, August 16, the final chapter of Season 6 of “Better Call Saul” will be shown. The date will be Netflix Starting at 1:00 am

‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6: World Timelines

Peru: 1 am

Ecuador: 1 am

Colombia: 1 am

Mexico: 1 am

Chile: 3:00 p.m.

Bolivia: 2 am

Venezuela: 2 a.m.

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Argentina: 3 a.m.

Brazil: 3 a.m.

United States (Florida): 2 a.m.

Spain: 8:00 pm

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