The number of jobs and searches in the blockchain sector is growing

A report, citing data from LinkedIn and OKX, shows that the number of people working on the blockchain has increased by 76% in the past year.

After the last lackluster months in the world Cryptocurrencyits core technology, and blockchaincontinues to grow, with more and more opportunities for those looking for work in this sector

Reflects a report recently published by Finbold media, citing data published by LinkedIn and exchange OKXreveals an average increase of 76% in blockchain jobs over the past year, in particular highlighting the remarkable growth in some countries in particular.

The United States, India and China are the top three countries in the world where there are the most qualified people to work in this field, followed by the United Kingdom, Singapore and Nigeria.

Job data obtained in the blockchain

1 in the US grew 62% last year

2 India records the most visible growth with an increase of 122%

Blockchain is the encryption technology that requires the most functionality

3 China is the least developed country, growing only 12%

4 Among the countries with the highest growth after India, we have Canada (106%), Singapore (92%) and Nigeria (81%)

Blockchain job offers are on the rise

1 The country with the largest increase in job offers is Spain, where this indicator rose by 609%

(2) Canada and Brazil are followed by 560% and 518%, respectively.

Not only official jobs, but also the number of job searches increased

Not only official jobs, but also the number of job searches increased

3 While the growth rates of India and Mexico increased between 149% and 190%, in the United States, China, Germany and the United Kingdom they increased between 60% and 82%.

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4 The only country in the top 10 where the number of job vacancies decreased was France, down 11% compared to what we saw in 2021

Other data

The study also notes that among the sectors that employ the largest number of experts in Blockchain and cryptocurrency is the financial sector, which brings together 19% of employees. Then he pursued engineering, with 16% of people, and finally business development, IT and sales, with 6% each, Diario Bitcoin noted.

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