3 Series To Watch On Netflix If You Love La Serpiente

Aqi. Photo: Netflix.

League Aqi Netflix has never gone unnoticed, and since its debut it has garnered millions of fans around the world. If you are one of them and have enjoyed productions based on the life of Charles Subrag, here are three suggestions that you will definitely love.

Yorkshire Reaper

The documentary focused on Peter Sutcliffe, a serial killer known as the Yorkshire Reaper who died in prison in 2020.. The series narrates how Sutcliffe became modern-day Jack the Ripper in northern England during the late 1970s, and through the testimonies of investigators and witnesses, it shows archive footage from that time that recalls the tragic killing of at least 13 women.

In the criminal mind

This documentary series is jointly produced by the United States and the Czech Republic It explores the dark psychology and unethical behavior that identifies different types of criminals.

Most Wanted in the World

In five episodes, The tape depicts the profiles of five criminals and how they managed to avoid being arrested “despite huge rewards and global searches.”. Rinaldo “Mayo” Zambada, Felician Kabuga, Samantha Lyuthwaite, Simeon Mogilevich and Matteo Messina Denaro are responsible for various events that have cost the lives of thousands of people and have become targets of police around the world. This series includes interviews with those they knew and extensive archival material.

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