Nearly 8 thousand kilograms of cargo transported by the Venezuelan plane is being held in an aircraft hangar in Ezeiza

The original cargo was 47,000 kilograms, but only about 40,000 left the airport.

The Venezuelan-Iranian plane that landed at Ezeiza Airport on Monday, June 6, was on its way 47822 KG Auto Spare Parts for SAS Automotriz. Much of that shipment left for the Volkswagen plant between Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8, it was reported. However, there are still about 7,860 kilograms left in the hangar, awaiting a court decision. Added to this is another 8,000 kilograms that arrived on June 11 on a Skylease plane, contracted to the same importer..

So far, Justice has focused on the aircraft’s background and 19 crew, but has already ordered several testing procedures on the plane’s payload and on previous hiring.

Although more than two weeks have passed since the plane’s arrival, it is still unknown who chartered Emtrasur to transport goods from Mexico. Lawyers representing the crew before Judge Federico Villina have submitted a contract with Alcux Air Spain, a Spanish company headquartered in L’Hospitalet de Llobregata municipality located on the outskirts of Barcelona.

This contract has been disclosed by InfobaeAnd the It has only one page and states a cost of US$600,000 for transportation between Mexico and Buenos Aires.

The contract between Alcux Air Spain and Emtrasur worth $600,000.
The contract between Alcux Air Spain and Emtrasur worth $600,000.

There is no doubt that the importer was SAS Automotriz, a company that sells seats and dashboards for Volkswagen Taos cars produced at the General Pacheco plant. Facing the scandal, SAS blamed the logistics company Fracht, which decided to blame Aerocharter México.

According to the documents provided by the customs, the shipment, recorded in the air waybill 308-00119862, consists of 312 parcels with a total of 47,882 kilograms. The shipment was checked upon arrival in Buenos Aires in a joint operation of PSA, PFA and Customs. “To carry out these controls, impact detectors were used, specialized dogs were introduced to search for explosives and narcotic substances, and some of the respective cargo platforms were randomly sent for observation by X-ray devices.” Justice.

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A large part of this cargo, about 40 thousand kilograms, left the airport in three phases between Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8. On the first day, 90 packages weighing 16,320 kilograms came out, then another 9 packages weighing 593 kilograms. The next day another 134 parcels weighing 23,103 kg were sent. According to reports, they were headrests for cars.

The rest, about 7,860 kilograms, was held in the TCA hangar, the airport’s cargo terminal, due to a bureaucratic problem. And a customs source explained that “that shipment was linked to another shipment, 8,000 kilograms, which arrived on Saturday, June 11, on board the Skyles cargo plane.” The scandal broke out on Friday, the 10th of the month in the media and no one dared to move anything.

Since then, 16 thousand kilograms of auto parts have been guarded by PSA in the TCA hangar.

The judge has already ordered several test procedures on the payload. On the other hand, the judge sent arrest warrants to Mexico and Venezuela. It happens that the plane, a Boeing 747-300M, registered YV3531, left Queretaro airport on June 5 but stopped in Caracas, where there could have been an unexpected movement of both cargo and crew. The warning sent to Nicolás Maduro’s government requested that they “indicate whether there is any evidence in their records of loading and/or unloading of goods on the above-mentioned aircraft within their territory.”

Villena also asked the PFA to investigate which company loaded the plane, who ordered it, what the purpose of the flight was, who was to receive the shipment, who was the customs broker and traceability of the goods transported. It is one of the outstanding tests.

The Amtrasur plane transported more than 47,000 kilograms of auto parts
The Amtrasur plane transported more than 47,000 kilograms of auto parts

The plane’s payload became more sensitive after the FBI report, which warned of Qeshm Fars Airlines’ background linked to pilot Gholamreza Qasemi. Fars Qeshm operates cargo flights under civilian cover for the Quds Force and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and uses them to smuggle sensitive weapons and equipment from Iran to Syria, among other things. This activity comes as part of Iran’s efforts to establish a military presence around the world.

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In your last request, Prosecutor Cecilia Encardona Yesterday, he requested to conduct an accounting, import and export expert report and appoint a customs broker, “To determine whether the declared cargo is in accordance with the cost of the voyage, the cost of the crew, or the general requirement for fees or salaries of participants in the commercial operation of the air navigation for the carriage of cargo.”

Behind the goods lies a complex web of companies. Before the local customs authorities, according to documents obtained by Infobae, Blue Wings SA, a local company responsible for carrying out Emtrasur procedures, intervened. Most airlines hire this type of company that is responsible for coordinating with customs and Intercargo. An aviation expert explained that the only company that has its own crew is Aerolineas Argentinas.

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