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The UK is getting tough on the quality of social housing. The new bill regulating social housing in the state will allow the administration to inspect rented social housing with 48 hours (28 days) notice. To check their condition and make urgent repairs which will then be paid to the owner. This tightening of control over the entities that manages the rental housing stock is happening because the British government does not want to allow tenants to live in ‘bad conditions’.

In re-establishing power between tenants and landlords, residents will be able to request information and assess the landlord as part of the new satisfaction procedure. The bill will be central to the government’s mission to raise the quality of social apartments across the country and meet the people’s priorities.

Tenants will have a direct line with the government, cWith a new committee of 250 tenants that meets every 4 months To share their experiences with the government and thus help drive change in the sector.

“It is a shame that in 2022 someone lives in a damp, cold or unsafe house, waits months for repairs and is routinely ignored by a landlord. These new laws will put an end to this injustice and ensure that the regulator has strong new powers to confront rogue social landlords.” Upgrading Minister Michael Gove said.

earlier this month, Jove slammed Clario, the UK’s largest socialiteafter the Housing Ombudsman found serious cases of mismanagement.

The bill would also mean that homeowners would need a designated person to be responsible for health and safety requirements. Housing association tenants will be able to request information from the landlord, similar to how the Council’s Housing Freedom of Information Act works with the goal of halving the amount of substandard rental housing by 2030.

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