NASA captured unpublished images of Mars and alerted to a new discovery

August 28, 2023 – 09:29

The Perseverance rover has explored the remains inside a Martian crater that looks like a dried-up lake. The device has been on Mars since February 2021.

the a pot subscriber New pictures of Mars taken by perseverance, the most advanced and sophisticated robot designed to do science on the planet. Among the developments is the presence of a particle diversity in rocks In a place where there was a lake a long time ago.

The latest evidence comes from a tool called Sherlock It was mounted on the robotic arm of the six-wheeled vehicle enabling detailed mapping and analysis of organic molecules. Pictures show Geological indicators From the great river that feeds Jezero craterAncient Martian Lake site.

Mars Pictures.jpg

As indicated by the US Space Agency. Evidence for the presence of organic molecules in multiple rock samples, including some collected for possible return to Earth for future analysis. In addition, the researchers explained that organic compounds she molecular components of life as we know it, but can also be shaped by it geological processes that are not directly related to life.

NASA at Maret.jpg

For his part, he co-authored the study Ryan Rubel “The concentrations we detected are generally low, but we noticed signals associated with organic compounds in almost all of the rocks we sampled,” he said.

Perseverance explores the floor of Jezero Crater, which contained a large lake and river delta billions of years ago. The car-sized robot landed inside the 45-kilometer-wide crater in February 2021 with the Ingenuity mini-helicopter. Meanwhile, it is part of the research mission Evidence of ancient life on Mars and collecting rock and soil samples for possible return to Earth.

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