Multiversus: Filter scenarios and more characters from Warner’s Smash Bros.

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For a few days there was talk of Multiversus, a supposed new project in which Warner seeks to capitalize on its most popular franchises to bring them together under the same title in the purest style Super Smash Bros..

Trusted sources They confirm that the game is a reality And it’s only a matter of time before we officially know about it. What is more, Playable character details leaked and some of its DLC content.

Now, a new leak has shed light on the details of its mechanics, settings, and some other characters from the roster. Thanks to this, we know that Multiversus It will be more similar than you think to the popular Nintendo title.

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They filter documents with the supposed details of Multiversus

According to various reports, several documents related to the development of Multiversus. They talk about their personalities, settings, and mechanisms. Thanks to this, we know that the tree house Adventure timeThe Batcave and concert stage Rick and Morty They will be combat zones.

The game will use a percentage system to measure damage in battles, just as you already do Super Smash Bros.. It will also provide team matches and alternate skins for each of its fighters.

It is reported that the game underwent various tests where different lists of characters were presented. New leaks indicate that garnet, from steven universe, and Arya, from games of thronesIt will also be part of the list. And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a mention of Mad Max and Johnny Bravo, who didn’t appear on the first list of leaked characters.

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It is important to note that at the moment the information is popular, as Warner has not confirmed the existence of this project. So it is better to wait for the company to confirm or deny these latest reports.

Finally, it is worth noting that sources such as Jeff Grubb, Editor VentureBeat, talk about the possibility that Multiversus It is a free-to-play game and the project is in the hands of NetherRealm, developer unfairness And human kombat.

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While we know more about it, we invite you to visit this Link For more news related to Multiversus.

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