Mexico could lose the 2026 World Cup venue because of gay screaming

The FMF president confirmed that Mexico could be left without a place for the 2026 World Cup (Photo: Jose Mendes)

The The President of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF), Yon de Luisa, He stressed at a press conference that sanctions against An anti-gay cry to mexican national team It can cost you World Cup 2026 venue which he will share with Canada and the United States.

He also said that you can’t have the ambition to host the ultimate national team competition if you don’t have the power to stop that kind of work. a) yes, De Luisa confirmed that there is a risk of not attending the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, added to Cancellation of the 2026 World Cup, Where Mexico is listed as the headquarters from the exhibition.

FIFA sanctions He became known after shouting at .’s youth team matches CONCACAF before the Olympics. Punishment said will affect the subject football and economics, will have to jPlay two home matches behind closed doors, as well as fine 60,000 Swiss francs (just over 1,340,000 Mexican pesos). It is still unknown if the penalty will affect the first team.

The Mexican national team quashed anti-gay outcry in the match against the United States at the League of Nations.  (Photo: Ralph Lauer)
The Mexican national team quashed anti-gay outcry in the match against the United States at the League of Nations. (Photo: Ralph Lauer)

In the same way It was investigated for the same reason The match played by the first team against a teammate Iceland in Dallas, from The League of Nations. The representative of the Federation called on the Mexican fans to stop “Let’s stop now, please stop now. screaming beside existence discriminatoryFar from defining ourselves as a great hobby, It distances us from our choice.”

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He added that the sanctions may cost him the hosting of the 2026 World Cup, since the veto began Fines, suspended matches behind closed doorspoints deduction; Lose matches and mailExclusion of a competition or tournament. Although the venues for the upcoming World Cup have yet to be officially announced, the ratings will have a negative charge with the current penalties.

Not the first time who – which Fimxfoot He received a fine from FIFA for the shouting practiced by the fans the moment the goalkeeper exonerated the opponent. In 2017, the case was submitted to Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS), decided that a fine should be paid for the act. In 2018, during the World Cup in Russia, the Federation had to pay على 200 thousand Mexican pesos for this reason. In the same way, in March 2021 in the game CONCACAF Pre-Olympics Mexico vs Canada Headed to Tokyo 2020 The performance of the Mexican fans is seen under a magnifying glass.

The campaign to eliminate the discriminatory gesture in the team's local parties will continue (Photo: Twitter /pedritosilva)
The campaign to eliminate the discriminatory gesture in the team’s local parties will continue (Photo: Twitter /pedritosilva)

in 2019 a Bell in which they participated Media and players To try to eliminate the subsequent behavior big penalties that harmed the Aztec cadre. The above did not come true. For this year, in May a New campaignOn this occasion, a protocol has been activated Expel the people who made this gesture, as well Suspend the match in play for two minutes.

It is known that little by little the scream was suppressed at some stage MX . LeagueAs well as in meetings of different national teams of all ages. That’s why, at the press conference, the campaign follow-up helped Restrain the attitude of the masses.

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