UNLPam already has a Department of Medicine

The creation of this section was unanimously approved at the 9th Ordinary Session of the Unlpam Supreme Council. The project was submitted by the university administration at the beginning of this year.
This department will be jointly managed by the directorate, the student body, the Faculties of Exact and Natural Sciences, Santa Rosa, and the Veterinary Sciences, General Pico. Its first task is to submit proposals for the academic system and general regulations to the Supreme Council.
The Council celebrated the birth of this new university body, and emphasized that it was “an important step in responding to the demands of the provinces and territories to strengthen professional training in health, and to expand and decentralize the health field. The educational proposals of the institution”, needs that have become particularly evident in the current context of the epidemic.

Maybe medical school?
The new department will initially include only a bachelor’s degree in nursing, but the future goal is to establish the College of Health Sciences. When University President Oscar Alba announced the possibility of establishing the department in March of this year, he asserted that this “will be the future college at some point, in a few years from now”, confirming the intention to incorporate medicine as a new offering of the Pampas House of Studies.
In this sense, the recent announcement of integrating the biomedical engineering profession into Unlpam’s academic offering also stands out. In April, the National Education Department authorized the Beko School of General Engineering to dictate this, and while there is no confirmed date yet, it is estimated that enrollment will begin by 2022. This profession is dedicated to the design and construction of health products and technologies, which can contribute significantly to the development of health products and technologies. The occupational character of health in La Pampa.

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