Melkonian travels to the United States to explain Bullrich’s economic program With criticism of Miley’s dollarization

Carlos Melkonian, Patricia Bullrich’s economic advisor, confirmed that he will make a trip to the United States because there is an “international interest” on the part of “international organizations and investors” to learn about possible electoral “scenarios” in the country and present their demands. The economic program is closer to them.

Melkonian said: “When people call to ask where Argentina will be on December 11, there is someone who can answer them, and that is what we are here for. As for the other two (Javier Miley and Sergio Massa), I don’t know.” He stressed that it is the only one that has a “serious” government plan.

“Among the three candidates, the only one who put together a serious programme, not a small piece of something that generates an attractive media debate, but something aimed at creating stability, put it in the Mediterranean Foundation and made it his goal,” the economist explained.

Melkonian stated that when he puts on “the clothes of a consultant” and has to “present three hypothetical scenarios,” he can only talk about one because he “doesn’t know” what the others will be like. In this sense, he described the ruling party’s economic measures as “lollipops” to “win elections” and Miley’s space proposals as “magic” to achieve the same goal.

“I can’t resign myself to having to win elections with lollipops and magic,” he noted of the challengers JxC will face in the October 22 election.

Along these lines, the former president of Banco Nacion during the administration of Mauricio Macri noted that Miley’s ideas “crumble” by ensuring that “his environment denies it” and that the candidate himself “becomes aggressive” and “calls for sectarianism” of the rally. Their program.

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“Do you want to talk about dollarization? I will explain to you, it cannot be done. Do you want to talk about sawing? It cannot be done. Did you seriously believe in social class? For you, they have already begun to name social class,” he stressed. This is the message.”

Melkonian reiterated his questions about the dollarization of the economy proposed by Miley, for which a “Punix Plan” or “peso monetization” would be needed because “there are no dollars” to implement it. “The plan for Bonex is that you no longer have your deposits for a while, and monetization is such that it requires either an exchange rate that flies up in the air or inflation that liquidates all the pesos,” he warned.

Regarding Milley’s argument for obtaining “financial engineering” from abroad to obtain foreign currency and do dollarization, he explained: “In other words, it is assumed that all those who are flat-footed and do not know what a jump into the void is, we will give you “60 thousand green sticks so that you can convert them into dollars.” This is very kindergarten.”

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