Greece: Reform approved that makes the working week six days and up to 13 hours a day | Thousands of Greeks demonstrated against

The Greek Parliament approved a labor reform that allows, at companies’ discretion, Increase the working day to six days And even 13 working hours Daily. Legislation promoted by the government Kyriakos Mitsotakis He was not well received by the Greek community and there he was Massive demonstrations in the country’s main cities.

Strictly speaking, the text allows taking The second job is part-time for 5 hours Along with an 8-hour main job, leading to 13 hours a day work. The only exception is if there is a conflict of interest between the two positions.

On the other hand, the article that increases the working day stipulates that companies that decide to implement this model must pay a An additional 40% on the daily salary of your workers.

The Executive confirms this This reform will formalize the economy Because once implemented, undeclared overtime will be eliminated and employment will increase. Moreover, Mitsotakis’s conservative government asserts that companies will embrace the six-day working day in an unusual way.

However, unions fear that violations may occur because of this Lack of state control And Labor inspections. In the same vein, the opposition demanded “Barbaric conditions“The regulations imposed on workers.

Another point of concern to unions is the right to strike. Legislation It is punishable by imprisonment for up to six months And A fine of 5,000 euros For those who prevent other workers from coming to their jobs during a strike.

He admits that too Companies fire the worker without prior notice also Without compensation during the first year of your appointment (Unless otherwise agreed by both parties), the trial period is extended to six months It sets fines of up to 10,500 euros If employers They do not advertise overtime Workers or shift changes.

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