Megan Rapinoe accuses Rubiales of ‘misogyny’ and ‘sexism’: ‘Jenny Hermoso was harassed’

he ‘issue Rubialescrossed the line as soon as a photo of his controversial kiss surfaced Jenny Beautiful happened in Sydney. The world press was shocked from the start and the criticism continues towards the president who is still the head of the country European Football Association. Megan RapinoeOne of the current football stars, he expressed his opinion on this matter and did not want to bite his tongue.

Rapinoe, two-time world champion with a pick state join And ball to goldIt considered that Jenny Hermoso was subjected to “physical harassment” after receiving a kiss on the mouth of Rubiales. The player dismissed the lead as misogynist and sexist over the gesture, which took place after Spain won the World Cup.

“What happened made me think of all we had to bear. Think of the weight the Spanish team had to bear. Some of the players who stood up last year (when protesting the treatment of the coach and coach) European Football Association) are still not with the team. “Maybe that’s the thing that triggered them, but it shouldn’t feel like that,” Rapinoe said in an interview published on Tuesday. the Atlantic.

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“And there was another image that showed the deep level of misogyny and sexism in that union and in that guy (Rubiales) after the final whistle simply holding it between his legs. What backward world do we live in? On the biggest stage, in ‘One to Celebrate’ Jenny was physically harassed by this person,” the footballer continued. O.L.’s reign.

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Rapinoe recalled Rubiales kissing Jennifer Hermoso at the World Cup medals ceremony, where Spain made history by winning their first title in the final against England. At the moment, the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is not thinking of resigning from his post and has retired for a few days in Motril with his relatives.

Megan Rapinoe, during the recent FIFA Women’s World Cup


Rapinoe highlighted the merits of the Spain internationals for their historical achievement and praised the football philosophy they grew up with: “Many of these players always play together. Most of them play in Spain, most of them for Barcelona, ​​and they have the same style. There’s a deep game philosophy,” he said.

She also spoke of the difficulties female footballers face off the field: “I knew for a long time that we play two games at the same time. One against ourselves. Then the other, we’re all playing for equality and the progression we deserve,” he said. “We want these teams to be paid equal, to have the resources they deserve, and not to suffer from misogyny, racism and sexism,” he added.

equal pay

Rapinoe was one of the players who fought the most to get a new collective agreement in the United States mandating equal pay in professional soccer in the country.

In 2022, the Players’ Association agreed to an agreement guaranteeing equal pay “through identical economic conditions”, including prizes for participating in the World Cup for both women’s and men’s teams.

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It was a historic step that avoided discrimination in economic treatment between the women’s team, a force in world football, world champions twice in a row in 2015 and 2019, and the men’s team, which despite its growth, still lacks that sporting strength.

If giant steps have been taken at the federal level, American women’s soccer has lived through dark pages in the National Football League, after the investigation revealed abuse of soccer players at all levels.

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