Medicine: “95% of those registered did not arrive last year,” they said after bochao

The hype for 100% bocados continues to bring a queue at UNLP’s medical school. From the group of Unite students, they came out in the top hats and stated that 95% of the race’s entrants did not make it to the final year of the race.

How Posted last Friday, bochazo It was linked to another exam of interest two months ago in the same subject, with 90% failure among 180 students, an amount estimated to be comparable to this new case. Also in those days, anatomy class C scored 80% of naysayers out of a thousand first-year students.

“95% of those enrolled do not reach the last year of their career in medical school. The authorities have decided not to return to a full presence in the college. This is related to their project of poor training and the constraints they want to implement the authorities,” they expressed “Unite.”

“This is why we’re proposing to monitor students in college to keep fighting and claim: full attendance, more time ranges, and enough potchaos,” they explained.

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