Maybe enough? Apple moved the end call button back in iOS 17 beta 6

Recently, journalists noticed that in the beta versions of iOS 17, this world will never be the same again: Apple changed the location of the end call button in iOS 17. And now Apple has released iOS 17 beta 6 – and it has changed. menu interface again.

This is the news

Previously, the red call-end button was in the middle, separate from the rest of the keys. Recently, Apple moved it to the lower right corner of the menu and also moved the entire menu down so that the user can see a close-up of the caller’s photo during a call.

In the new iOS 17 beta, the end call button has been “moved” again: this time it’s in the middle of the bottom row. The “evolution” of the interface from the old version to the new one looks like this:

Now the red button seems to be closer to the previous place, but the keys are constantly changing their location. So it is likely that muscle memory will dictate its own rules to users at first, leading to repeated accidental keystrokes.

fountain: 9to5mac

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