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Windows 12 will require at least 8GB of RAM. Image: hypertext

For some time now, Microsoft has been working hard on a new version of its operating system, aiming to offer a more modern and modern experience to its users. Although the company has already released Windows 11 operating system With innovative features, your commitment to update and add more improvements to Programming It does not stop there, as Windows 12 is expected to come with more significant changes, driven by artificial intelligence. Also, recent leaks have revealed the minimum requirements needed to install it, which indicates that its release may be much faster than expected.

In recent weeks, the number of rumors regarding Windows 12 has increased. In this sense, the Windows Central technology portal has revealed the requirements for installing the software.

Everything seems to indicate that Microsoft’s plans mean that Get Windows 12 operating system get more complicated. First, it is important to note that TPM 2.0 will still be required for the next version of Microsoft’s operating system. If there is any hope that the operating system will not require TPM 2.0, everything indicates that this will not be the case and that Microsoft will continue to require it as a mandatory requirement.

Another change noticed in the Windows 12 requirements list is that at least 8 GB of RAM is required, which is almost double the 4 GB required for Windows 11. This may come as a shock to many users, but it is, in fact, It makes a lot of sense, since most computers these days should have at least 8GB of RAM.

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Microsoft wants to update Windows

Requirements aren’t the only news that’s been leaked Windows 12 operating system. Other information also indicates that Microsoft is planning to update its operating system, as it is working on a new project with many innovations that are set for Windows Core OS.

This project is called CorePC It aims to develop a modular and customizable version of Windows. Through this work, the company will have the ability to configure different versions of Windows with different levels of compatibility in terms of applications and functionality. This may allow the creation of a lighter and fully customizable version, according to the needs of each user.

Microsoft is adding an image generator in Bing and Edge

Microsoft is benefiting from the worldwide success of, and collaboration with, ChatGPT Open AI. For this reason, those from Redmond are determined to get rid of Google and its Chrome browser. In this sense, with artificial intelligence based on the DALL-E model, it has added a new image generator to the Bing and Edge search engine.

As Microsoft itself explains, Bing Image Creator It will be powered by an “advanced version” of the DALL-E model Open AI It will allow Bing users to create images simply by typing what you want to create.

Youssef Mahdi, Director of Consumer Marketing for a company Microsoftnotes that Bing Image Creator It will be fully integrated into the Bing chat experience and will initially roll out to Creative mode and earlier versions of the search engine.

What do the lights on your Wi-Fi router mean and how do they alert you to problems? Here is the answer

Routers can emit different colors of LEDs, the same colors that can show if there is a connection failure. Here are some of the more common meanings you’ll see:

  • green: Indicates power, active internet connection, active phone line, and strong signal.
  • blue: A firmware update is in progress, you are connecting to another device, a provider has been detected and the connection process has begun.
  • orange: It usually indicates an acceptable connection.
  • red: It may be a sign of overheating, service error, poor or no internet connection, PPP authentication failure and configuration issue.
  • white: usually indicates power on, pairing process started, or how long it takes for the service provider to be detected and connected to the Internet.
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If you notice any of these behaviors on your computer, they may have the following meanings:

  • Power light off: Check that the router is connected. If it does not turn on, there may be a problem with the hardware or the power cord.
  • The DSL light is blinking: There may be a problem with network synchronization. Ensure that the telephone line cable is properly connected.
  • Internet light off: Check if the Ethernet cable is connected correctly and that there are no problems with the Internet provider settings.
  • Wi-Fi light is off: Verify that your device’s network settings are configured correctly.
  • Ethernet light off: Check that the Ethernet cable is connected properly or it will not allow connection to the associated device.

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