Málaga is the Andalusian province with the most businesses selling on Amazon

Málaga is the Andalusian province with the most businesses selling on AmazonHe. She

Malaga is the Andalusian province with the largest number of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in which they are sold Amazonspecific 650, according to the “Report on the impact of Amazon on Spanish SMEs” just published by the online sales giant. The report indicates that in 2022 these companies in Malaga, through Amazon sales, will reach an export volume of more than 35 million euros.

At the regional level, the study found that there More than 2,200 Andalusian companies Which sells its products in the Amazon store, up 10% from the previous year, while exceeding exports 120 million, 20% more. Seville is behind Malaga, with 500 SMEs and an export volume of 40 million euros.

Andalusia is Fourth Independent Society With more SMEs selling on Amazon, a ranking topped by Catalonia (3,300+ SMEs), Madrid (3,000+) and Valencia Community (2,500).

the 15,000 Spanish SMEs are in existence In Amazon, an increase of 15% over last year, it broke its export record in 2002 with 950 million euros. The American company emphasizes that these companies are an “engine of job creation” because, at present, they provide permanent employment to about 35,000 people to run their online sales business.

Home, personal care and toys, best sellers

Small and medium-sized Spanish companies sold more than 100 million products on Amazon in 2022 (200 products per minute) which is an increase of 15% compared to units sold in the previous year.

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Amazon specifies that sales are not limited to the European Union (EU). Spanish SMEs selling on Amazon recorded more than €160 million in sales Exports outside the European Union. This outdoor community sales number doubles the data that was in 2021.

The five countries that Amazon’s Spanish SMEs export to are France, Germany, Italy, the United States and the United Kingdom. The most exported product categories are Home, Personal Care, Toys, Beauty and Sports Equipment.

“SMEs are an essential pillar of the Spanish economic fabric. You will always find them on Amazon A great ally to increase sales volumes, exports and job creationConfirmed to the Vice President of EU Trade Partner Services at Amazon, Xavier Flamand.

E-commerce promotion

Amazon launched the store in December 2022 “Spain in one click” With a wide range of products sold by national SMEs where customers can filter by independent community and support SMEs in Andalusia and all regions of Spain to sell outside their region.

A recreation of the futuristic center of the Amazon in Malaga.

Many Spanish SMEs have not yet made the leap to selling online. Amazon has committed to training 50,000 Spanish SMEs and entrepreneurs to sell online through its site Despega Free Training Program before the end of 2025. Since the program was launched, more than 30,000 Spanish entrepreneurs and SMEs have already participated in the training project.

Our commitment to accompany small and medium enterprises on their way to Digitization, putting the necessary tools and training at your disposallike the Despega program or the “España a un Clic” shop, so that they can be successful in Spain and internationally, ”Flamand added.

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