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The economy of the company, EoC, is a catholic initiative It is made up of people committed to promoting and practicing a culture characterized by reward and reciprocity and an alternative lifestyle to the current capitalist system.

It differs from circular, orange, capitalist, communist and other economies in that EoC makes “the person and the environment grow in a dignified way,” says Edimir Albeiro Pardo Flores, a subject expert and educator at La Gran Colombia University. .

what or what EoC . teams of capitalist and circular economies, for example, is that the first “based on profit“The second,” is a designer proposal in process engineering, he says.

La EdCPerson-centered, describing, explaining and analyzing assumptions, achievements, effects and perspectives of experience: a culture of giving, whose core is an interactive process of doctrinal development and implementation of a particular way of Christian living“, Add.

defense formation New Entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs who are able to share their benefits to reduce poverty and solve other problems such as exclusion or economic problems, which today affect both individuals and societies.

It is an initiative devised by Italian educator and essayist Chiara Lubic (1920-2008) as “Responding to social problem and economic imbalanceWhich he saw in Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 1991, which is being held today on 5 continents.
Entrepreneurs, workers, managers, consumers, savers, citizen researchers, and economic operators from Argentina, Central Africa, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Congo, Croatia, Spain, the United States, France, Italy and Portugal, among others, participate in the EoC.

It is not a charitable or charitable initiativeSince the two concepts are individual, but based on the essence of the person who practices them who must be from “the company”, that is, he shares the ideals that promote EoC, whose main goal is to show a “homeless” part of humanity.

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So, this economy”Activates reciprocity at various levels: creating job opportunities to include those excluded from the economic and social system, spreading a culture of giving and participating in various educational and cultural initiatives, intervention in emergency situations with the assistance and sustainable development projects.“.

Giving culture

EoC invites you to live and propagate, from childhood, a new economic and civic culture based on generosity or what Lubicch baptized as a “culture of giving”, which is very different from the prevailing “culture of possession” today.

But any act of giving does not create the culture of giving that Lubitsch created. For example, when giving is the power to control or suppress individuals or peoples, or when such giving is self-interest and utilitarianism as in some current trends of neoliberalism where it seeks only individual benefit, as the Foucular movement illustrates. , a spiritual current and social renewal, which promotes EoC. Lubic founded this movement in Trento (Italy) in 1943 and headed it but it did not reach Colombia until 25 years later, at the hands of Capuchin’s father, Gerardo Sotelo in 1968. Its goal is “to cooperate in building a more united society”. The world, promoted to pray,” Roberta Popa, a spokeswoman for the same in our country, tells Portfolio.

Focolare was created here apartnership solidarity with families, Solvame, in 2012 “with the aim of cooperation in integrated human development, starting with families in difficulty with vulnerable children and youth, through communication, training and research, inspired by the fraternity promoted by Chiara Lubic,” he explains.

It states that Solfami currently administers national and international grants that provide resources for two projects in Cundinamarca: Centro Social Unidad in Bogota and Colegio Escuela Sol Naciente in Tocancipá, benefiting more than 600 children.

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Throughout the nine years of her life, Solfami has contributed to the development of more than 2,400 infants, adolescents and young adults with their families”, among others.

For this reason, giving advocated by the EoC has to do with sharing with others, respecting their dignity and the healthy development and growth of society.
Companies in Colombia

In our country, many companies have been set up within the concept of EoC, such as Padevi, a community-run farming company promoted by the father, Emero Barrera, in Timana, Huila; active contact, Specializing in Communication for Development and fieldwork with rural communities, who has been in business for more than 20 years and the Da Vinci Institute of Modern Languages, based in Cucuta, among others.

Currently, at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivarian, UPB, in Medellin and at Gran Colombia in Bogota, civic economics chairs, which include the EoC, are being developed or programmed, according to Professor Pardo Flores.

The sectors benefiting from the EoC areSMEs that apply this philosophy in a practical, empirical way making the individual-centered proposal visible, changing the paradigm and generating cultural and social awareness‘, he maintains.

EoC seeks to build and comes Building the social fabric in the past three decades because those who promote it are convinced that “No unelected form of poverty can be remedied without the inclusion of the disadvantaged in living and fraternal societies“.

And no, if it is not included in the “Companies and work centersFor a person who has the physical and mental capacity to work will remain destitute if he cannot do so.

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