Magnitude 7.2 earthquake shakes Haiti: at least 304 killed – News

7.2 magnitude earthquake Haiti This Saturday morning, according to a report by the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

For its part, the Haitian Civil Protection Service Update the number of dead people to 304 After the first balance of 227 deaths.

“We have recorded 160 deaths in the South, 42 in Nieps, 100 in Grand Anse and two in the Northwest,” Kerry Chandler, director of civil protection, told a news conference.

In this regard, Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry issued an order to fully mobilize “all the resources” of the Haitian government to help the victims and appealed to the population to cooperate to save this new tragedy.

The earthquake, which occurred at 8.30 local time (9.30 in Argentina), was recorded about 12 kilometers from the city of Saint-Louis-de-Sud, and The epicenter of the earthquake was at a depth of 10 km, according to a US Geological Survey report.

The Argentine government expressed its “deep regret” for the great human and material losses incurred by the “people of Haiti as a result of the devastating earthquake”.

The quake was felt across the country and material damage was recorded in the cities of Jeremy and Los Cayos in the southwestern peninsula of Hispaniola that it shares with the Dominican Republic, according to eyewitness photos, the news agency reported. France Press agency.

“Many houses were destroyed, some died in hospital,” Christella St Helier, who lives near the epicenter, told the same agency.

“Everyone is now on the street and aftershocks keep happening,” he added.

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The long initial tremor was felt throughout most of the Caribbean, including Santiago de Cuba (about 300 kilometers from Saint-Louis-du-Sud), where many residents have left their homes, according to Radio Rebeldy.

The earthquake damaged schools and homes in the southwest of the Haiti Peninsula, according to pictures posted by witnesses on social media.

in conversation with 3 . seriesWhere it is, in the north-central part of the country, “the aftershock came with slight tremors,” said Oscar Martinez, an Argentine dean in Haiti.

Moreover, he added that Official information indicates that “there is very serious structural damage in the south of the country and the collapse of houses, buildings and churches.”.

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Minutes after the earthquake, aftershocks with a magnitude of 5.2 were recorded 17 km from the town of Chantal, Again with a center under 10 km depth.

According to the local portal Haiti GazetteThe earthquake was felt for several seconds in the capital of the Caribbean nation, Port-au-Prince, about 130 kilometers from the epicenter.

“Tsunami waves that can reach one or three meters above tide level are possible on some coasts of Haiti.”, he referred to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), without specifying specific regions of the country.

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History repeats itself

It must be remembered that in January 2010There was a similar earthquake that affected much of Port-au-Prince and neighboring cities, and its consequences were More than 200,000 people were killed and 300,000 were injured.

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Then, more than 1.5 million Haitians were left homeless, leaving the island authorities and the international humanitarian community to face a formidable challenge in a country that lacks a land registry and building codes.

The earthquake destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes, as well as administrative buildings and schools, as well as 60% of Haiti’s health system.

The process of rebuilding the country’s main hospital remains incomplete, and efforts have been made by NGOs to compensate for the country’s many shortcomings.

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