Alberto Fernandez introduced Blue, the new puppy to his dog, Dylan

Dylan the dog Alberto FernandezHe had a puppy, and the president introduced him in an interview with Instagram maker Tomás Quintín Palma.

I present to you Blu, who is Dylan’s new son“, Fernandez says in the video that Palma, a member of the new program” De mil humores “, posted on social media as a preview of the talk, which can be seen next Sunday from 23 on Channel 9.

Blue is Collie dog He is the son Dylan the mascot that accompanied the president throughout the 2019 campaign and his name is a tribute to the musician. Bob Dylan, Whose boss is a fanatic.

After assuming the presidency, the commander moved with his family to Quinta de Olivos And the Collie accompanied him. Later, new members were added to the “herd”.

First, in June 2019, Dylan had a batch of pups, among them was Prosser, his second pet, who was born.

Hello Proser“It was the message that Fernandez introduced the new pet. And of course, the announcement was made through Dylan’s Instagram account, where the pictures of the lively puppy were also posted.”

Just as Dylan’s name was defined in honor of famous American musician Bob Dylan, Prócer is named after the dog that appeared in one of the episodes of The Simpsons, from season eight.

Then, in June 2020, Kayla arrived, in a new batch of four-dog puppies, a tricolor Collie puppy who, like her father Dylan, already has her own Instagram account.

The boss and his pets are very active on social networks, and they often upload photos together in different situations. Since he has taken over the chair, they can be seen, above all, in the offices or in the gardens of the Quinta de Olivos.

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