He surprised two employees with hidden cameras to see how they work and got a surprise

A video has gone viral on social media Captured by local security cameras, which Two workers took advantage of the absence of their boss to do other types of activities that do not correspond to their job functions.

The owner of the facility decided to install security cameras To find out why his workforce is inefficient in their shifts and discover the answer to everything he doesn’t know.

The recordings revealed that the employees during their shifts performed activities such as Watch the series, straighten your hair, share memes and even lie on the floor with pillows. The photos were taken without the workers realizing that they had been recorded by a hidden camera.

Surprise employees with hidden cameras to see if they are wasting their time

where the two women were lying on the floor just below the desks, One of them managed to see the device that recorded it and directed it to her partner. They quickly got up to get back to their jobs, but it was too late. What they didn’t know was that their boss had been watching them the whole time since they started their work schedule.

The reaction of the workers and the various activities that they did in the middle of the working day provoked all kinds of reactions on social networks, such as the funny comments that accompany the moment. The video sparked controversy among users. Because there are those who refuse to have the man installed a camera without the workers’ permission. In the same way, there are others who defend them arguing that there are days when customers do not arrive.

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“You can’t install cameras and also without informing the worker” And “In the office there are dead hours, and there are times when there is no work at all. The video was clearly edited to show those moments,” were some of the insinuating messages. However, on the other side of the networks, There are those who do not share these two young women the same behavior in the workplace: “Ten hours of very productive work, and then they want a bonus” and “I don’t understand how they don’t see themselves playing a key, what’s the job”?

Twitter user already posted the trending video Until that moment Adds more than 7,500 retweets and more than 50,000 likes on the social network.

A few weeks ago, another section It went viral because of a peculiarity: a group of workers left their jobs because of the abuse they had suffered. In the work environment, the work environment is fundamental for them to feel comfortable in their tasks Thus improving business results. If the environment is hostile, It is possible that many complain and many give up their work. This was what happened in a shoe store in Virginia, USA.

Employees quit their jobs (Photo: FILE)

In the enterprise, all employees agreed and immediately decided to resign. It wasn’t a protest, but rather an actual act of mass resignation. One of the participants posted the video on TikTok, where they tell, before leaving their posts, how they feel about the decision. While some say they feel “very good”, others seem confused.

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The video immediately spread. To date, it has amassed over four million views and thousands of comments, mostly encouraged by their courage and loyalty to the workers.

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