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Over the centuries, the white space moon that orbits the Earth, lights up the night and controls our oceans, has been the natural goal of studying different disciplines. From esotericism to metaphysics, the color It has intrigued many senior minds of history, and has Source It is still studied by scholars and conspirators alike.

More specifically, it is size color Which baffled the specialists. With a diameter of more than 3000 km, it is difficult to explain how a small planet How did the Earth capture a file huge body like color in its orbit. Faced with a lack of scientific evidence to answer the question, a question has emerged and gained momentum over the years: Is it color Creating alien intelligence?

This is what they asked Michael Fassin NS Alexander Shcherbakov, two members of the then Soviet Academy of Sciences, in an article published in July 1970. Their hypothesis was that The moon is a hollow planet Created by unknown beings with far better technology than anyone on earth The massive spacecraft is stationed in Earth’s orbit For unknown reasons.

Like the Russian doll, this unusual theory begins in turn from a second theory, hypothesis color hollow. For Soviet scientists, the interior of a space satellite been dug To introduce the machines and space needed to move an entire civilization, which has traveled through space Protected by a thick helmet Covered with an outer layer made of mineral rock slag.

theory color The alien has been around for years, and it’s still gaining momentum in conspiratorial circles,

Abandoning the traditional ways of common sense, we have indulged ourselves in what may seem at first glance A wild and irresponsible imagination. But the more we examine all the information that humans have collected about colorThe more we convince ourselves of that There is not a single piece of information that can rule out our assumptionShcherbakov and Vasin mentioned in the letter.

As fascinating as it may be, the theory color Hulu has a large number of followers, among whom is the famous conspiracy David Ike. The former rugby player has become a leading figure in the conspiracy theory movement, publishing several books explaining his strange beliefs. was one of them color alien.

In a lecture, Icke presented as evidence of the hollow moon a ring he recorded NASA during the mission Apollo 12. In the lunar flight, the crew landed on the lunar module with incredible force, generating it The effect is equivalent to one ton of dynamite. Before the explosion, seismographs detected a sound coming from the moon, something similar to it bell or bell, which – which It buzzed for eight minutes.

A year later, Apollo 13 had to cancel its mission due to technical issues and threw color Disposable Saturn Rocket. This effect looked similar The lunar module was discarded in 1969. Although seismographs discovered on this occasion that the astronomical gurgles for more than three hours. “These two Russian scientists wrote an article in 1970 called “Is the color Creating extraterrestrial intelligence? And after all these years Everything indicates that they were rightIke said.

Ever since American Neil Armstrong first climbed onto its roof, it has been color It was the subject of obsession.

The most recent evidence to support this theory is found in digging the moon: The moon contains thousands of craters of different sizes; but nevertheless, All pits are approximately the same depth. Small nozzles have a depth proportional to their diameter, but the holes are larger It is not deeper and has a flat surface or even convex bottoms. This indicates that there may be A kind of metal barrier under the surfaceIt protects him from harm.

what is the day color?“Asked two Russian scientists in the early 1970s.”Pending conclusive evidence, our hypothesis may seem far-fetched, but we believe that the questions we have raised provide sufficient support for serious consideration of this issue. The result may be the clarification of many lunar mysteries.“.

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