Look at the International Space Station this Sunday as it passes through the sky over Santa Fe

You will see the ship on the horizon 8:09 pm on Sunday, leaves in the west and heads north. We’ll have to be attentive, since the passOr it will only last 5 minutesAccording to a pot.

The space station can be followed from the US Space Agency’s new application, which is ready for download internal control Department also Android From these links.

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“the a pot It’s easy for the audience to discover International Space StationThey noted that it is humanity’s home in space, as it flies above Earth, as well as expanding access to news and resources about this microgravity laboratory.

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The space station orbits the Earth about 16 times a day.

“Even after 23 years of continuous human presence on board International Space Station“It’s very exciting to see the station when you look at it at the right moment,” station manager Robin Gatens said. International Space Station At the headquarters of a pot in Washington. “This orbital laboratory, which continues to provide many unique and tangible benefits to humanity, is actually not that far-fetched,” he added.

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The space station is visible because it reflects sunlight, the same reason we see the moon. But unlike the Moon, the space station is not bright enough to observe during the day. It can only be seen at dawn or dusk at the viewer’s location.

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the International Space Station It orbits the Earth about 16 times a day, every hour and a half, at an altitude of 416 kilometers. It is permanently inhabited by an average of about 7 astronauts from the countries that comprise it.

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