LoL – Riot presents Ekko Firelight: Arcane’s Surprise Skin that ends the chain of events

Movie premiere mysterious It not only had a positive effect on League of Legends With an interesting rise in popularity, if not the case, it has left us with plenty of content for some of the characters featured in the series. However, Riot Games hasn’t been able to release all the Netflix fantasy inspired skins while the episodes are airing. To avoid spoilers about the events that will take place in the last episodes, the company has withheld Very special cosmetics Ekko will get in the next update.

The latest Arcane-inspired skin

The relevant aspect will be related to the version sound echo Which we saw as a fire captain. The hero won the affection of a lot of society by being one of the few who really care about the welfare of the residents of the Zone. This way, all players who enjoyed it in the series now know that the cosmetics will be arriving in League of Legends in one of the next updates the title receives.

Riot games are still No release date revealed for Ekko Firelight skin Nor how it will be obtained. All of the Arcane-inspired cosmetics were free, but now that the series event at Riot Games is over, it remains to be seen if the launch strategy will repeat itself. In addition, the developer has not published its update schedule other than the one that will arrive on December 8.

Regarding Victor And for the rest of the characters available as League of Legends champions that appear in the series, it looks like we’ll likely have to wait until Season 2 which has already been confirmed to see the cosmetics matching this line. A task that requires a lot of patience, but will likely be rewarded once the launch time arrives.

Riot Games will end one of the newest features in League of Legends soon. Prestige Points will be disappearing in the coming months and the developers have prepared a final event for players to use all of them as soon as possible.

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