New requirements to enter the country after the first omicron case

While there are still many things unknown about this new strain of SARS-CoV-2, science has already stated that it is not harmful, but “alarming,” and that measures must be taken to avoid a new occurrence. wave of issues.

After an emergency meeting, the World Health Organization decided to classify the new strain directly as a “variable of concern” (VOC), a category that also includes alpha (UK), beta (South Africa), gamma (Brazil) and delta (India).

This new variant of SARS-CoV-2, based on data assumed by the World Health Organization, has an unusual number of mutations (about 50) and some of them are “alarming”. Also, preliminary studies have shown that Omicron can lead to Increased risk of infection again of other volatile organic compounds.

Only more than 30 mutations have been found in the spike protein, which allows the virus to adhere to healthy cells in the body. It is also the area where the immune response to vaccines is activated, so if the protein changes enough, the virus is feared to be more resistant to it.

for this part, Maria Van Kerkhove, the technical director of Covid-19 for the World Health Organization, in an interview with financial times That I was “concerned” that Omicron was “totally different” compared to the other variants.

The traveler submits a complete vaccination plan and a date for COVID-19 in March 2021. A PCR test was performed before the return flight to Argentina (where he arrived via the United States) according to established protocols, and the result was negative. An antigen test is performed for SARS-CoV-2 upon arrival at the Ezeiza International Airport, and the result was also negative,” said the party that distributed the bag headed by him. Carla Vizzotti.

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After arriving in Argentina, the traveler learned on Thursday, December 2, that people he had been in contact with in South Africa had been diagnosed with Covid-19.

“Although he had no symptoms, he reported the case to the health system in his area. In this context, he underwent a new antigen test and a PCR that this time gave him positive. Faced with this situation, the provincial authorities notified the National Health Authority, they send the sample for genetic sequencing in National Reference Laboratory and they study the sample to detect characteristic mutations by PCR such as screening at the San Luis County Public Health Laboratory, and obtain results with deletions compatible with Omicron or Alpha variants,” he added.

He concluded: “He traveled from the airport to his home in San Luis County in a rental car with a driver. Since his arrival he has been in isolation.”

New requirements to enter Argentina

  • The government has ordered the temporary suspension of direct flights from Africa
  • The government has ordered the temporary suspension of passenger ships that have come or have been in the last 14 days in Africa
  • Argentines or residents who submit a full vaccination plan 14 days prior to arrival and a negative PCR 72 hours prior to boarding will be exempted from isolation
  • Those who do not submit a complete vaccination plan must self-quarantine and take a PCR test on day 7 of admission, which if negative will terminate isolation
  • Persons who have spent the last 14 days on the African continent must inform them in the affidavit
  • Those who have visited the African continent will have to take a test upon arrival in Ezeiza, comply with the 14-day isolation, and a PCR test will need to be taken 10 days after the first sample taken in the country of origin to be able to process the aircraft
  • Non-resident aliens entering for tourism reasons must submit a complete vaccination plan, negative PCR 72 hours before boarding and Covid-19 health insurance and be exempt from quarantine
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