Sports Center: This is how sports were practiced in Spain in 2021: more kilometers by cycling and running

dietMain A social platform for athletes With more than 95 million users, it released its annual report that reveals that The sports boom that took place in the wake of the start of the coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of slowing down. It also reveals how extreme weather events occur, such as Storm Philomena hits Madridaffect the behavior of athletes around the world.

The report confirms that 2021 was a crucial year for the sport, which has remained one of the biggest passions around the world. Besides the amazing numbers observed in 2020, the Worldwide activity rates on Strava continued to rise to 37 million weekly uploads (21.5 in 2020). This has included 38% increase in the number of activities Registered on Strava, reaching 1.8 billion activities in the last 12 months (1.1 billion in 2020).

In addition to, Strava welcomes 2 million new athletes per month to its global community. This data reflects Changing the mentality implied by the pandemic in terms of sport And how, despite the gradual return to head-to-head events, athletes continue to strive to connect and join a global community of athletes.

All kinds of sports experienced tremendous growth in 2021. Walking (double his activities) and hiking (x1.7) are the activities that starred in the biggest increase, along with yoga (x2) and other indoor exercises. In Spain, the global trend is reproduced, with walking (x1.8) and hiking being the activities that grew the most in 2021 (x1.8).

In Spain, If all running activities are added in 2021, it will reach 172.9 million km for 131.7 in 2020. The average distance per activity was 7.9 km with a duration of 44 minutes 54 seconds. In cycling, 1,200 million kilometers will be reached by 954.4 million in 2020. The average distance per activity is 39.8 km with a duration of 1 hour and 58:05. Spain is above the world average of 26.3 km.

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“Although the athletic community has had to deal with another year of interruptions and pandemic restrictions, we have seen it Athletes’ constant desire to stay connected, stay active and enthusiastic with each other. Athletes from all countries around the world log in and share their rides, cycling and walking,” explains Michael Horvath, CEO of Strava.

Extreme weather conditions and hazardous air quality affect the behavior of athletes around the world. During heavy snowfall due to Storm Filomena that hit Madrid in January, indoor activities increased by 55%, While outdoor exercise decreased by 69% (January 7-15, 2021). Storm Christophe that hit the UK in January 2021 caused a 32% drop in outdoor sports. during the Heat wave in Oregon in the summer, outdoor activities decreased by 23%.

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