Liverpool crush Arsenal and prepare for the match against Real Madrid

The Liverpool He took a breath of confidence and just sharpened his weapons Arsenal, With a victory (3-0), which qualifies them to face Real Madrid Next week in Champions League.

weakness Diogo Jota, Who behaved like a bench disaffection, and a little of Mohamed Salah, Until the Reds arrive with spirits in the clouds after an irregular season and lack these kinds of joys and goals.

Three days of facing up Real Madrid In rooms Champions LeagueJ├╝rgen Klopp additionally provided all the necessary clues to the Whites on how they were formed on Wednesday.

The central pair has already been determined. Youth squad Nathaniel Phillips And winter signature Pumpkin They will be selected. The two sides will be for Andy Robertson E. Trent Alexander-Arnold, Who would also be relaxing because he wasn’t with the English team.

To respond, 66 Liverpool assistants served the first goal of the match. in the middle Klopp You do have more options, however Thiago Alcantara And Fabinho have been fixed. Your mate is more open. It could be Curtis Jones or Jorginho Vinaldom.

This Saturday was veteran James Milner. And they will be safe Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and C Club Attending the moment of form will choose Diogo Guetta, not Roberto Firmino.

Although the team is far from good. Kiss Arsenal has not been. He was heavy on attack, boring in many game sequences, and ended up winning on his side because the gunners are unable to fight better and detach on their own.

The meeting was always in the gorge on the verge of falling apart Reds. Not because they got the merit, but because they were trying something at least. Milner He had the clearest first-half shot in a shot inside the area on his own, but he hasn’t improved, definitely because this isn’t his war either.

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Without being threatened at any time, the Liverpool He finished all three points in the last stage. A cross counted by Alexander Arnold with headed Jota, beating Lino. to me PortugueseWho scored three goals in the international matches window, it took three minutes from the moment he got off the bench to see the door.

His seventh goal is in this Leading I ditched Arsenal’s options, which melted down the most when Jibril Soft at a break with Salah, Al-Masry took the ball inside the area and slapped between Lino’s legs. In conclusion, Jota added more points to start on Tuesday, as he ended turmoil in the area and achieved his double goal.

The party is over. Three very important points for whom Klopp To be placed in two positions Champions They mean that the whole season should not focus on the next two games against him Real Madrid.

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