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Canada is an opportunity for the future of thousands of young Peruvians and professionals who are considering emigrating abroad to work or continue studying with the aim of having a better future, given the current instability in our country.

Hilbert Marques, Director of SCCanada and representative of two Canadian universities, says: “The goal is for more Peruvians to immigrate to Canada because of the ease of study and employment. We are dealing with two audiences: young people who have finished high school, single professionals or with a family and who want to pursue a postgraduate degree. On March 30, we will be conducting a free webinar with Western Canada University,” he said.

The goal is to provide information and profile evaluation to all interested parties, as not all of them qualify, as well as study investment details, benefits and times. Indeed, an important issue is the English language to be able to qualify and the steps to follow so that they can later, once they have completed their studies, work in Canada,” he added.

Helbert Márquez explains that the most comfortable option to study abroad is Canada and is relatively the closest, given the opportunities it offers. “After studying and working, you can obtain a residence visa,” he added.

Scholarships for the Americas

In turn, Hilbert Marquis listed the benefits of studying at the University of Western Canada. Western Canada University is a university located in Vancouver. It has undergraduate and graduate programs. For all programs, the university offers scholarships to Latin Americans only and only this institution offers it.”

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“The scholarship is called “Beca de las Américas”, no requirements. This study center only created this scholarship for Latin Americans to be interested because there are already other people from other continents. Therefore, they sought diversification and this advantage was created. Beware, this scholarship covers studies Partially Each program has access to the scholarship, but there are percentage discounts.

Likewise, he explained that after the webinar, students who wished could request information and he and his team would be on hand to clear queries.

Why study in Canada? Hilbert Marquis summed it up this way: “It is the best country to live in because it gives you many benefits. You are allowed to study and work, you can travel with your family group, and the school of both primary and secondary schools is free, and it covers the health problem, unlike the United States, which is more After that, you can get a residence visa.”

What are the requirements?

If you hold a Bachelor’s degree:

University text

– Bachelor degree

– Biography

– English (they can give TOEFL, ielts or Duolingo)

If you only have a school:

School mark sheet

– English (they can give TOEFL, ielts or Duolingo)

Finally, Marquez notes that university admission usually takes 20-30 days, then apply for a student visa, for a period of three months and that after studies, you can access the open work permit feature at the same time as the study carried out so that you apply the knowledge gained and you have experience Canadian.

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