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The New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (Nervtag) United kingdom Boris Johnson’s government asked To postpone the final phase of easing restrictions by Covid-19 Looking at the “exponential growth” of new infections to the Indian strain, which account for three quarters of the current infections, it turns out Signs of the “third wave”.

UK plans The implementation of the total lifting of the third stone, in effect for five and a half months, on June 21. This means removing all restrictions on social contact, reopening nightclubs, and ending restrictions on weddings and social events.

Nervtag member Ravi Gupta stated that there are early signs that the third wave has already begun, After daily injuries exceeded 4000 injuries on Friday for the first time in nearly two months, He warned that it may continue to increase in the coming months.

Gupta, in an interview with the BBC, urged the government to delay the next phase of easing restrictions, which would be the last, to allow Get more people vaccinated before giving up all social distancing rules and wearing face masks.

“It is likely that it will take longer for waves to emerge than previous waves due to the fact that we have very high levels of vaccination in the population. There may be a false sense of security for some time, and this is our concern. ”, Confirmed. Since the vaccination was launched in the country, 58.8% of the population has already received the first dose, while 37.9% have received the second puncture.

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Along these lines, Environment Minister George Ostis said the government “cannot rule out anything” when asked if the reopening will continue on June 21. “Prices are rising again slightly, but from a low base and this is likely to be expected. In light of the large number of young people who are now mixing but not receiving the vaccine, ”Eustis also explained to BBC Radio.

Meanwhile, Adam Finn of the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization said authorities should have a clear picture of the pandemic before easing any restrictions. Yesterday, the United Kingdom recorded 4,245 cases of coronavirus, an increase of 1,005 over the same day last week.

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