Kate Mara will star in the strike-time film The Dutchman

Kate Mara – Fantastic Four (Josh Trank – 2015)

In the midst of the strike in which he participated WGA (Screenwriters Association of America) and sag-avtra Few films are able to obtain permits to film them. One of them is independent production Dutch.

Under supervision Andre Gainesrecognized for his work on the documentary The one and only Dick Gregorywhich chronicles the career of the famous comedian Dick GregoryAnd with the screenwriter Qasim Basirknown as Banana lome (2011), Dutch He is preparing to appear on the big screen.

Based on the work of influencers Amiri Baraka, Dutch It was originally released in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. This film adaptation is not the first. In 1967, the British film of the same name, directed by… Anthony Harvey And heroically Shirley Knight And Al Freeman, Jr.

This film is a psychological thriller that focuses on the encounter of a woman and a man on the New York City subway. Cast Dutch He heads it Andre Hollandrecognized for his performance in Pass In 2021 with Kate MaraKnown for her role in the movie The Fantastic Four (the amazing four, 2015), and Zazie BeatzA prominent character in the series atlanta.

filming Dutch It is scheduled to premiere on September 25, defying the difficulties imposed by the strike in Hollywood.

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