Hollywood and Netflix ask Europe to help end IPTV piracy

Major Hollywood studios and Netflix, who do not always get along well with each other, have asked the European Commission for help in their global fight against piracy. Use of applications IPTV hackerAmong other illegal methods, it has made them lose millions of dollars and they want help to stop their activities.

The Motion Picture Association (MPA) He believes that more pressure should be put on other players in the hacking ecosystem who help piracy IPTV, torrent or internet streaming services and generate revenue.

MPA and the European Commission

The European Commission has published a “Piracy and Counterfeiting Watch List” to highlight websites and marketplaces that undermine the intellectual property rights of European companies and creators. In connection with this document, the MPA offers its own suggestions for addition to this year’s edition.

MPA Europe

According to her calculations, approximately One in four internet users visits hacking websitespirated websites have profit margins of between 86% and 93%, and their users are at a higher risk of infection with malware, for example.

MPA vs. Pirate IPTV

For several years, it was IPTV Hacker Services They have been a major target of the MPA app and its anti-piracy alliance, ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment).

They know that the technical infrastructures of these services are often “huge and complex”, which makes sourcing content and service operators very difficult, and so they turn to official bodies to be able to Help track down and prosecute those responsible Who benefits from this content.

Europe IPTV hacker services

Europe IPTV hacker services

In addition to services Pirate IPTV is leading other illegal business, such as reselling subscriptions and entities involved in the distribution and sale of TV channels of illegal origin. Other actors include infrastructure and support service providers, such as hosting providers and media servers, and thus, for the MPA, they “become bad actors in their own right.”

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Big Pirate IPTV in Europe

BIPTV. better and BestBuyIPTV.storeAlthough based in Vietnam, it is very popular in Europe. The service offers more than 10,000 channels and 19,000 VOD titles, such as movies and TV shows. Studies believe that BestBuyIPTV has more than 900,000 users, 12,000 resellers (practically independent sales agents) and 2,000 relays, which are entities that use BestBuyIPTV channels in their IPTV offerings.

Pirate IPTV UK

Pirate IPTV UK

GenIPTV It is one of the largest IPTV service providers in the world with multiple vendors providing access to 10,000 international channels and 52,000 titles on demand. It is said to operate a front end in the UK (genip.tv) and a back end in Switzerland (geniptv.net).

Remember these reports too IPTVForest.org. It offers thousands of live channels and on-demand content. According to MPA investigations, it operates from the UK and uses the services of the UK-based DataCamp platform, which is currently being sued by DISH Network in the US.

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