Karol Marquez made Bolaños scream on Episode 82 of MasterChef

Celebrity MasterChef ColombiaYou’ve just entered one of the audience’s most anticipated moments, ever since Class 82 selected the participants who accompanied Zulma Ray in the top ten. This situation generated a lot of tension between the opponents who, while trying to make use of their knowledge, made several mistakes in the challenge that was meant to please the group members. Embassy British in Bogota.

The field challenge sought to highlight the creativity of the contestants, who had a special task, which was to prepare a traditional English snack that reminded them of their homeland. UK Ambassador to Colombia, George Hodgson;

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Karol Marquez made Bolaños scream on Episode 82 of MasterChef

Egg sandwiches, scones (traditional rolls), tea and many more delicacies will be judged by diners and the jury George Rausch, Nicholas DZuberia And Christopher Carpenter; Who determined from the start the teams that will face the challenge; One of them caught the attention of viewers with his obvious good feelings.

zolmite, Carol Marquez, Martha Isabel Bolaños And Adrian Parada, They formed the Nile Quartet, and the man from Cartagena took very seriously the task of being a leader, giving directions everywhere and giving opinion if necessary; a fact which did not entirely satisfy Bolaños, who was at the time annoyed that the Marquis had accused him so severely of the condition of the dough of one of the dishes he had to bake.

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“Why am I a son of ***?”, and “Today I was very noisy and that made me sensitive too.”were some words of “pupuchurra”, which shed several tears in front of the audience, but later recovered to return to the hearth with all its might.

You can’t lose it: Apart from the “challenge”, he proposes a millionaire project to make one of his followers happy. What is the topic?

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