Chile: documents proving US complicity in the 73 coup d’état | The files were declassified 50 years after Allende’s ouster

In the past few hours, the United States has declassified extracts from two reports related to the coup in Chile confirming this The White House knew in advance of the military plans to overthrow then-president Salvador Allende in 1973.

And on September 11, the 50th anniversary of the event, the State Department released part of the daily reports the former president received Richard Nixon (1969-1974), prepared by the intelligence services of that time to inform you of the situation in Chile.

What do the documents say

In the first document dated September 8, 1973, Nixon’s advisers warned of a “possible coup attempt” against Allende, while in the second attempt, on the 11th of the same month, they reported that several “major military units” supported the overthrow.

Likewise, the documents highlight that Allende considered this, according to Nixon advisers And his followers did not have enough weapons to confront the armyThe European Press news agency reported that the only viable solution is politics. The document confirmed that the socialist president “is concerned about the pressure exerted by the opposition, and especially about the intentions of the army.”

Although US intelligence services warned on the day of the coup against support from “key sectors of the military,” they indicated that the military may not have an “effective, coordinated plan to take advantage of widespread civilian opposition” to governance. Chilean government.
“President Allende, for his part, continues to hope that postponing the decision will avert conflict,” the document concluded.


The same day as September 11, the Chilean Armed Forcesled by Augusto Pinochet, bombed the seat of government, Palazzo La Moneda, They overthrew Allende. This began a 17-year dictatorship that left over 3,000 dead or missing.

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The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “50 years after the military coup, lifting the secrecy of these document files strengthens the search for the truth and strengthens our countries’ commitment to democratic values, because democracy is memory and it is also the future.” Chile. The glory of the fountainin remarks reported by local media BioBio.

A few weeks after the commemoration of the collapse of democracy in Chile We especially thank the President (Joe) Biden administration for its willingness to accept the petition to declassify the files. Administrator added.

Instructions to the consultant

On the ninth of this month, the Chilean Parliament approved a request by President Gabriel Boric to assign the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to To take steps to access the secret history of the United States regarding its intervention before and during the coup.

This demand, promoted by parliamentarians from the Social Accord Party (the government party), was approved by a large majority, with 125 votes in favor, two against, and seven abstentions.

Interior Minister Carolina Tuha appreciated the declassification of the reports, according to “The United States has declassified several times at different times I think the most important thing is that we as Chilean men and women see how in those years Chile became the center of attention of the whole world.

“learning lessons”

“What was happening in Chile was seen as a strategic factor for the planet, so we, as a country, A commitment from what we live, to draw lessons, to learn, not to repeat mistakes, and not to repeat horrors like those that occurred at that time. added.

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“Many precedents have come to light, and this declassified as well Orlando Letelier recording, Confirm again that In the government of President Allende there was never the possibility of defending his government with tools other than that of democracy. just pointed out.

For his part, the Chilean House of Representatives rejected this week a draft resolution stating that It condemns the same congressional resolution of August 22, 1973, in which the government of President Salvador Allende was accused of a “serious violation of the constitutional and legal order”.

The 1973 Declaration was used during the Augusto Pinochet regime as legal support to justify the September 11th coup of that year. The Communist Party Committee’s proposal received a majority of 62 votes against, 52 in favor, and two abstentions. In rejecting the initiative, the Christian Democrats voted decisively.

What is doing right in our country It is a miserable attitude and a setback for Pinochet“We regret that because it is a different right than a 40-year-old,” said the Socialist Party seat leader. Daniel ManouchehriQuoted from Telesur Network. “They’ve gone from being passive partners again to this turn-on feeling and miserable situation.”

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