Julio Iglesias referred to memes that made him: ‘I don’t know who started them’

since existence memesThe famous pictures that are circulated on the Internet with funny content about a person or situation, The months of July have never been the same again and it’s all because of singer Julio Iglesias.

The Spaniard is starting to be a meme of him pointing his finger And he who became famous for his phrase “And you know him,” began to spread more, but this time he refers to the month of July as a joke, embodying the month with the face of the artist.

Part of an interview they had with him in Spain was leaked through social networks The interviewer asked him about these photos and told him that a younger audience would identify with him more from his memes than from his music career.To which Julio Iglesias responded forcefully.

Time to take some more pics of those… I don’t know who started it, but it’s so cuteI saw unpleasant things that I did not like, but in general it is pleasant, ”the artist confirmed.

“I’m a little exaggerated that I’m a father to the whole of Spain, but they are comedians, it’s a little exaggerated comedy and as you say, If this helps 15-year-olds get to know me, and they are happy with lifeadded the Spanish singer.

Julio Iglesias, 79, is known as the most successful Spanish-speaking artist in history With over 80 albums to his credit, this has earned him various recognitions all over the world and his fame is now still alive thanks to memes.

This is Julio Iglesias’ take on the memes that make him:

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