Juan Graboa refused to meet US Ambassador Mark Stanley | He responded with an invitation to his office

Presidential candidate of (UxP) Juan Graboa refused a meeting with the US ambassador, Mark Stanley, regarding it as a “ritual of submission” that is part of the “sad history of neo-colonial vassalage”, and instead invited the diplomat to a meeting in his “humble” office with Vice President Paula Abal Medina.

“I consider this rite of submission in the North American Embassy to be part of the sad history of neo-colonial dependency which keeps Latin America in a state of misery, dependence and maldevelopment,” reads the letter addressed to Stanley and signed by Grabois.

In the text, the social leader notes that “the current situation is the product of shared responsibility” between the United States and “domestic actors—politicians, sector leaders, public officials, judges, prosecutors, journalists, and so on—who offer a worthless tribute to a foreign power.” And defending its interests more than the interests of its citizens. Despite this, Grabois noted that “this does not mean denying dialogue” and invited him to a meeting, but in the office of the PYD candidate, and not in the US embassy.

“We do not see any objection to receiving him with Paula Abal Medina in our offices, perhaps it was a modest place for the elites, but being part of our territory, it is appropriate for us to offer him an audience as former candidates for the position of president and vice president of Argentina,” the letter indicated.

The pre-candidate highlighted that during this meeting they should talk “exclusively” about “the joint responsibility of the North American country in the criminal indebtedness of Argentina” and “allowance in tax evasion for Argentine nationals who have undeclared capital in their territory . . . “.

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They will also send to the American ambassador “a complaint by the illegal lobby of the American Chamber regarding the representatives of Argentina” and will refer to the “criminal actions of some American companies” that they say “harm our environment or use forms of slavery.” work in their production chains.

In the speech, which mentions the writer Arturo Gorecchi’s phrase “the criollo who sells you is worse than the gringo who buys you”, Graboa points out that in Latin American history “those who refuse to act like little dogs in the United States” are publicly harassed and their “political careers” doomed fail.”

He adds, “We, who do not live politics as a profession, would prefer it a thousand times over to betray our country and our history.”

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