Joe Biden earns less profit as President of the United States than Jeff Bezos in 5 seconds

he is The salary you receive Joe Biden Since last January 20, it’s not bad at all, it is Much higher than other heads of government (Like the ones in Spain) But nevertheless, and with the work ahead, many would say that this is not enough.

and that is 46th President of the United States He will receive $ 400,000 during his tenure. However, that’s not the only thing that Joe Biden will have, of course. Added to this is $ 69,000 for expenses and $ 100,000 for travel.

So in total, we can say that Joe Biden earns $ 569,000 in one year. Although the answer is yes, part of it is not part of your salary as such. However, there is the most surprising thing of all: even Adding salary and extras The President of the United States does not come close to it Jeff Bezos wins in 5 seconds.

Bezos, the second richest man in the world (or the first depending on the day the Forbes list is shown) has records. According to the Unilad portal, In 2020, the Amazon CEO earned about 716,000 euros every 5.56 seconds.

This business men You win more than bosses It is neither strange nor remarkable. Debate over cabinet members ’pay has always been present, with those who believe the president should earn a lot more and with those who think otherwise.

But certainly This is surprising That heavy and the responsibility he bears Joe Biden (Like his predecessors) as the head of one of the world’s greatest powers, we find those figures like Bezos and also musk or gates In seconds and minutes They just don’t match however They exceed the salary of the country’s commander in chief.

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It remains to be seen how the business of Jeff Bezos and his company continues, because what he won in 2020 in seconds cannot be anything compared to what he can continue to achieve in the years to come.

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