Netflix announces that The Bridgertons has stripped The Witcher in the best series premiere in the platform’s history

Netflix proudly announced two weeks ago that it expects “The Bridgertons” to add 63 million “views” – just two minutes of watch, let’s not forget – in the first 28 days on the platform. Well, they failed, because the company had just announced that it had officially investigated Best Series Premiere With 82 Million Views In That Period, Surpassing the previous record set by The Witcher of 6 million.

From Netflix, they explain that “The Bridgertons” sneaked into the top ten out of all the countries where the platform is available except for Japan, and also reached Number 1 in 83 regions, Including the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, France, India, or South Africa. In Spain it is still in the first places today.

With all this in mind, naturally Netflix is ​​already revamping “The Bridgertons” for a file. the second season. In fact, the weird thing is that he didn’t guarantee his future after the next installment of episodes, although he might have wanted and simply wanted a dose of information to get more titles …

What is beyond doubt is its popularityBecause Netflix reminds us thatThe success of The Bridgertons propelled the books to the New York Times bestseller list for the first time 18 years after they were first published.“Of course, I hope they have provided data on how many people have just watched the first full season …

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