Jobs in Canada: a Mexican reveals the truth about salary and lifestyle

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Recently, a lot has become known Jobs in Canada It seems like a marvel and a door to seeForget about millionaires; But is this true?

according to TikTok useridentified as @LaLatinaBeney, the real go-to Work and live in Canada It is much different than it is believed, due to the current vacancies that seem easy and that They pay up to 30,000 pesos per month.

“Is it really worth coming to Canada to work?” The woman in the video asks and advises her followers to get rid of the idea that it is like the United States, because “you’re not going to get rich from day to day.”

the above, because it is necessary to “fight” 3-4 years, because as anywhere, starting from scratch is complicated; Although “it is worth living there.”

“You’re going to struggle for 3 or 4 years of age. Starting from scratch is complicated but it’s worth it. Living out of the cold is beautiful,” he stressed.

Credit: @LaLatinaBeney

A Mexican living in Canada emphasized that working in Mexico is not the same as in the northern country, because the physical fatigue is greater.

“It’s worth it, yeah, but being physically tired is bad, all the people I know are skinny, dark circles are bad, and your feet hurt all the time. For me since I arrived in Canada, it’s been crazy. Changing your life for a more physically empowering job, is a cannon.” very,” he points out.

Benefits of going to canada according to mexican

the TikTok user I stressed that if you get a stable, well-paid job from the start 17 Canadian dollars or more per hour and has a schedule Monday to Friday 8 days a dayYes, it will suit you.

“Economically, if you have a job from the beginning when you get here and you don’t stop getting it until you leave, you work 8 hours at a minimum wage of $17 an hour and five days a week, I can tell you see results there,” he points out.

In addition, the girl confirms that the great advantage of working in Canada is that you “beat the time”, as it takes two years to do in Mexico, in country in North America You will do this in 6 months or a year.

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And you, do you think that this happens everywhere or only indoors Canada?

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